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Dr. Don on Dr. Phil:  2/24/17

Train Your Brain, Change Your Life with Neurofeedback Brain-Training.  We use the Brainpaint System for Neurofeedback Brain-Training.   It is one of the best researched neurofeedback systems, with excellent demonstrated effectiveness. 

Dr. Donald Posson, Ph.D., LADC, BCN (Board Certified in Neurofeedback) aka The Las Vegas Neurofeedback Doctor. 

The Real Meat of the Episode


Good Health and a Happy Life start with the Brain. 

Hello, I’m Dr. Don Posson,  co-owner of The Las Vegas Neurofeedback Center.

Your brain is amazing!

An ever changing, dynamic organ, pulsating with electricity as billions of neurons connect with each other in the incredibly complex rhythms of life. Neuroplasticity, the ability of your brain to organize and reorganize itself continuously, is the foundation of your brains success at learning, but it needs proper information to guide it.

That’s what neurofeedback provides. Specific, real time information on what it is doing, how well it is regulating itself, how it is communicating with itself, how accurately it is analyzing the vast amounts of data coming its way. For optimal function your brain just needs to know, to see the patterns that are useful to good function and to ignore the ones that are not.

Utilizing proven technology, I will design an individual program that reveals and promotes the better function you desire.